Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Senior Birthday Plans

Dad and Aunt Vi have set their birthday plans. Aunt Vi turns 91 on October 18th, the same day Dad turns 86. This photo is from Aunt Vi's 90th birthday party last year.

Aunt Vi's two daughters are coming over from Flint to pick Dad and I up to go to lunch. Last year Dad and I went over there and had a wonderful luncheon with Aunt Vi and her son-in-law. This year it is the womens turn and we will probably go to Lansing.

This is quite a milestone for the two of them. Who would have ever figured they would live this long? Their father died at the age of 86 from cancer, and Dad told me two years ago that he wanted to live until he was 86.

Well, I hope he lasts longer than that, because while I have lived here the last two years, the guy has grown on me. We didn't have the best of relationships over the years, but being his caregiver and seeing his health struggles has certainly changed my view and given me a new understanding of how strong is his will to live.

Every year we think this is the last time we will get together on the 18th, and every year they surprise us. Hopefully, we will have the same pleasant surprise next year.

Do you have a senior in your family who has defied the odds? How do you feel about that?

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