Friday, October 17, 2008

Six-Month Diabetic Follow-up Class

Yesterday Dad and I attended a one-hour class as a six-month followup led by the diabetic nurse educator that has assisted Dad since his diabetic coma in March 2007. MJ has helped tremendously in keeping Dad's blood sugar as stable as possible by following his numbers and adjusting dosage as necessary.

Soon after our initial visit with MJ last year, I created a log on Excel. Dad keeps the log sheets in a spiral notebook on the kitchen table, along with his syringe and monitor kit, because he tests four times a day. He is now on two kinds of insulin, one he takes prior to each meal and the other two hours after his last meal.

After the meeting MJ sat with us and reviewed Dad's needs. He ended up with a new monitor and easier way to obtain blood for his tests.

Along the way, I learned some interesting information about following a diabetic diet that I will share in the next post. We were also given a monthly schedule of one hour meetings we can attend if we want to, to receive further information and encouragement. The monthly sessions are heavy on question and answers.

The Diabetic Center at the hospital where MJ works is actively involved in teaching diabetics how to manage their disease. MJ has called us numerous times to track Dad's numbers, including evenings and weekends. At times she has needed to call several times a week for a while, then was able to back off to once a month or every couple of months. She has always been friendly and caring, even taking time to chat with Dad about his life.

People like MJ are a God-send to those who have to live with diabetes. My kudos to MJ and others on staff for their willingness to go beyond the call to help Dad and others like him.

It takes "a village" when it comes to senior care. Be sure to give a special thank you to those who are helping you and your loved one in their latter years.

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