Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Troubadour by George Strait

I realize Elder Care Cafe is a strange place to read a blog about George Strait and his latest song/video offering, but there is something about this song that is sticking in my mind; the tune and the words.

I have heard the songs of George Strait over the years, although I wasn't really what I would call a fan. But this particular song speaks to me, and I'm sure others who are feeling time slipping away can also relate.

Here is the chorus of Troubadour:

Sometimes I feel like Jesse James
Still trying to make a name
Knowing nothing's gonna change what I am
I was a young troubadour, when I rode in on a song
I'll be an old troubadour, when I'm gone.

Lyrics provided by Gracenote on CMT website.

You can see the video at this link and hear George's wonderful voice. Be careful, you may become addicted!

Are you a country music fan? Who is your favorite?

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