Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Before You Go...

While you are visiting Elder Care Cafe, take a look at the pictures on the sidebar.

This blog was started as a journal to share the story of my Dad and my care giving/receiving journey, and to share information and experiences with other caregivers. The more formal extension of this blog is at

I joined Dad on September 7, 2006 so that he could continue to live in the house he had shared with my mother since 1970.

New Year's week, 2007/2008, my daughter and her family came to visit. During their ten day stay, we had the opportunity to bond with my new grandson, Dad's great-grandson. The two pictures on the sidebar were taken during their stay.

David Lloyd was 21-months-old at the time. We miss him dearly, and enjoy the calls and pictures we have received since that time. He is growing up very quickly; he will be two-years-old on March 27. Hopefully, he will visit us again while we are still here. In the meantime, we will watch for further snail mail, email, and cell phone pix!

Do you have a special person in your life who lights up your day? If they live far away, I hope you have plenty of pictures to enjoy.

Dementia and Disposition - Is there a Link?

A recent study suggests there is a link between Alzheimer's/Dementia and having a positive or negative personality. Although the findings were in the 50 percentile, there is a slim chance that positive people may not have as great a chance to succumb to the dreaded disease.

The writer of the article takes unction with the results of the study, noting that the researchers only visited the participants one time to determine whether they were a positive person or not. As anyone can have a bad day once in a while, it would seem further contact would be necessary to determine a persons personality.

To read more about this interesting study, and to find a link to the original article, click here.

To visit OurAlzheimer' home page click on the link. A part of Health Central, this site has numerous articles and information regarding Alzheimer's and dementia.

In your experience, do you think personality plays a part in whether someone will encounter Alzheimer's?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Caregiver Blog Site List

On the blogsite Alzheimer's Notes, Mary Emma Allen noted how she found a number of caregivers who have created blogs about their experience caring for a loved one. Caregivers are using blogs to express their own feelings and struggles, to help others cope, and to realize that they are not alone.

Earlier this month, Mary Emma listed a group of blogs maintained by caregivers, and I was very blessed that this blog was included on the list. I would like to thank Mary Emma for all she has done to encourage others who are going through the physical and emotional challenge of caring for a loved one.

If you have time, please visit Alzheimer's Notes and thank Mary Emma for her blog as she has given the rest of us the wisdom and understanding she obtained through her own caregiving experience. Many times, once someone's caregiving time is finished, they choose to move on. Mary Emma has returned to help the rest of us along.

Thank you, Mary Emma, for your concern and your support!

You can read the article at this link ==> Thursday Thirteen.

If you know of any other sites that are written by caregivers, please leave the name of the site in the comment section. I believe it is important that we continue to support one another.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seniors and Vitamin D

Last month I visited my doctor's office for a yearly blood test and prescription refill. My doctor told me all the doctors in the practice were "pushing" vitamin D, and he thought I should start taking it along with my daily multivitamin. I asked him if it would help the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I was struggling with and he said, "Absolutely."

Yesterday his office called to confirm that advice, as apparently my blood test revealed I was depleted in that area. In fact, they doubled the amount I had already started taking.

Today I found several articles on Senior Journal dot com that affirmed my doctors advice. An increasing number of studies show low levels of vitamin D are an invitation for some deadly diseases to take over our bodies. As vitamin E is losing it's popularity, vitamin D is picking up steam as studies prove it is a helpful deterrent against diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Check with your doctor, obtain a blood test if necessary, and follow your doctor's recommendation before proceeding with any dosage.

Those who spend a lot of time in the sun, drink plenty of milk, and obtain vitamin D in other ways, probably won't need any additional vitamin D. But, if you live in a frigid climate such as MI, as I do, and your diet is lacking in this essential vitamin, you may want to make sure you get the nutrients you need.

To read these important articles, click on this link => There are a growing number of articles that will confirm vitamin D is a most important nutrient for an increasing number of people, especially seniors.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frigid? Who's Frigid?

It is colder than icicles in Michigan! In fact, the icicles are probably buckling under this frigid weather. Wow! This morning my computer said it was -9 F about 6:30 a.m. Our indoor/outdoor is hovering around 4 deg.

That said, Dad and I are doing pretty good as long as we can stay indoors. We are toasty warm, there is plenty of hot chocolate with marshmallows to be had, the cookie gremlin might be inspired to make peanut butter cookies sometime today, and I heard whispers that we might enjoy a nice hot bowl of potato soup tonight for supper.

Dad got a bunch of new talking books yesterday - mostly western theme with a couple of Zane Grey for good measure. He really enjoys listening to westerns.

For the first time in weeks the sky is blue, the sun is shining, but it is still frigid. I guess we better take the good news while we can.

What is your good news today? How's the weather? What's for supper? What are you reading and/or drinking? Inquiring minds want to know!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Initiative 2009

The main Elder Care Cafe has a three day healthy lifestyle initiative each week. Running from Friday through Sunday, each day has a specific theme. Friday posts are related to the Body, Saturday is specifically about the Soul, and Sunday discusses the Spiritual aspect of our lives.

Today's post was about Healthy Walking at Any Age. Check it out and join in as we strive to live a healthier lifestyle throughout 2009.

Did you set any resolutions or goals for 2009? Were they health related?