Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Caregiver Blog Site List

On the blogsite Alzheimer's Notes, Mary Emma Allen noted how she found a number of caregivers who have created blogs about their experience caring for a loved one. Caregivers are using blogs to express their own feelings and struggles, to help others cope, and to realize that they are not alone.

Earlier this month, Mary Emma listed a group of blogs maintained by caregivers, and I was very blessed that this blog was included on the list. I would like to thank Mary Emma for all she has done to encourage others who are going through the physical and emotional challenge of caring for a loved one.

If you have time, please visit Alzheimer's Notes and thank Mary Emma for her blog as she has given the rest of us the wisdom and understanding she obtained through her own caregiving experience. Many times, once someone's caregiving time is finished, they choose to move on. Mary Emma has returned to help the rest of us along.

Thank you, Mary Emma, for your concern and your support!

You can read the article at this link ==> Thursday Thirteen.

If you know of any other sites that are written by caregivers, please leave the name of the site in the comment section. I believe it is important that we continue to support one another.


Mary Emma Allen said...

Edie, thank you for referring to Alzheimer's Notes in your blog. I'm pleased you find the information I post helpful.

You mention that instead of moving on after my mom and aunt passed away, I've remained involved in Alzheimer's by writing and speaking and conducting workshops. I feel the need to help encourage other caregivers. It's become, for me, a way I can leave a legacy of caring for Mother and Auntie. They were ladies who cared for others. This way, their journey through Alzheimer's wasn't in vain. They are still helping others!

Mother also encouraged me with my writing (a gift I seem to have inherited from her father), so she would be pleased to know I'm using this talent to help others.

Anonymous said...

I have just started a blog and was hoping to link to this one - I have just asked Mary Emma if I could link to hers, as well. I did not find many in my initial search, but I keep looking. Mine is and all are welcome to read it!
Many thanks,
Mom's Brain blog

A.M.Writer said...

Mary Emma, thanks for visiting Elder Care Cafe and for the work that you do with Alzheimer's Notes. I'm sure your mother would be very proud to know you are using your writing talent to help others.

Mom\'s Brain, thanks for stopping by. You are welcome to link with this blog - I have added you to the blogroll. I read your blog and appreciate all that you are going through with your mother. You sound like a very caring daughter, and I am sure that in her own way she appreciates the attention you provide. Best of luck to you with your caregiving. Let's try to keep in touch!