Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dementia and Disposition - Is there a Link?

A recent study suggests there is a link between Alzheimer's/Dementia and having a positive or negative personality. Although the findings were in the 50 percentile, there is a slim chance that positive people may not have as great a chance to succumb to the dreaded disease.

The writer of the article takes unction with the results of the study, noting that the researchers only visited the participants one time to determine whether they were a positive person or not. As anyone can have a bad day once in a while, it would seem further contact would be necessary to determine a persons personality.

To read more about this interesting study, and to find a link to the original article, click here.

To visit OurAlzheimer' home page click on the link. A part of Health Central, this site has numerous articles and information regarding Alzheimer's and dementia.

In your experience, do you think personality plays a part in whether someone will encounter Alzheimer's?

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