Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Dietary Tips From Diabetes Class

Here are a few dietary notes I jotted down at last weeks diabetes class Dad and I attended.

1. Cooking oils to use: Olive, Canola, Peanut.

2. Calories per day vary for men and women. Men should stay between 1600 - 2200, and women should stay between 1200 - 1800. Lucky men!

3. Reduce sodium to reduce risk of heart failure. Take the salt shaker off the table and watch sodium content in foods. Click here to read further info and guidelines from the ADA.

4. Okay - remember these are just my notes. Regarding fat content, the best to worst beef to eat is:

Tenderloin is the best.
Lean beef is okay.
Chuck is the worst.

Meat should be approximately 4 oz per meal.

5. When people write down what they eat and how much, they automatically decrease calories. Interesting!

6. Someone asked about peanut butter as a protein, and MJ said peanut butter is a fat (mono). Having peanut butter for a meal should not count as a protein.

7. Breakfast protein suggestions for those tired of eggs and meat: string cheese, cottage cheese, dry curd cheese.

There you go for now. There was one more dietary topic that I want to do a little more research about, and then I will share. It was a fairly new concept for me although I had seen it in regards to other kinds of diets.

How is that for a mystery?

What dietary guidelines have you learned? You are welcome to share your info in the comments.

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