Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall, Food, and Football

Yesterday my aunt and uncle picked Dad up and they went to the Swiss Steak Dinner at an old country church a few miles from where I was raised. Dad brought home a huge takeout for me, bless his heart.

With fall arriving in Michigan, so do the numerous Swiss Steak, spaghetti, fish, and chicken dinners, and the pancake breakfasts we all love. We go to as many as we can, not only for the food, but to see friends and relatives. We have quite a social circuit going with either breakfast or dinner almost every weekend through the fall and winter.

Also during fall and into the winter are the football games! The Michigan State Spartans won yesterday - YEAH! And the Michigan Wolverines lost. I would yeah again, but I really was hoping Michigan would beat Illinois. We watched the second half and it was a little more exciting the fourth quarter, but still quite a big loss.

I support Michigan when they are not playing the Spartans, and would like to see Rich Rodriguez do well in his first year as the Wolverine coach.

With first year coach Rodriguez at Michigan and second year coach Mark Dantonio at Michigan State, both teams are going through a rebuilding process. It should be an interesting match up on October 25th when these two great rivals meet.

Go Green!!!!

So, it is fall in Michigan. That means there is plenty of food and football to enjoy.

Who is your favorite team? If you partake in social fundraising dinners/breakfasts, what are your favorites?

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