Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seniors Return to School

Several years ago I was listening to the radio show Parent Talk as I was driving home from work. An interesting conversation caught my attention - the hosts were interviewing a seventy-year-old (plus) woman who attended classes at the local community college.

One of the questions they ask was, "What do you wear to class?"

"Sweats and tennis shoes," was her answer.

Immediately I thought, "When I get her age, I hope I'm still willing to learn."

Well, I have a ways to go to reach seventy, but I still enjoy taking classes. Now they are usually on-line.

It's mid-July and time to think about the offerings in your community, either through the local adult education office or nearest community college. Don't forget there are many on-line classes through such schools as Virtual University.

Watch for the catalogs or search online and find something interesting that will stimulate your mind. Whether you enjoy crafts, computers, art history, world religions, or something in the personal enrichment category, sign-up and have a great time.

You'll meet new people and learn at the same time. You will get out of the house, if not on the computer, and will have great new information to share during conversations with friends and family.

Let me know what classes you are interested in, especially those that are unusual. And enjoy every second of your learning experience.

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