Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Morning Musings

Dad and I had a quiet 4th of July. Until after dark, that is. For about two hours the pops and sparks and sounds of fireworks filled the air. But it was expected and ginger ale and vanilla ice cream floats took care of any angst we may have felt.

Hope everyone had a good day. We are so thankful for the freedom we enjoy living in the United States. Although at times we may know things could be better, as we look at the problems and situations in other countries, we can't help but feel blessed to live in the land of the free.

I know this blog is still in its infancy and I'm not sure exactly where it's going. Should it be a strictly formal venue for all things elder care related, or should there be an informality that allows one to swing between the heavy and the lighter fare?

I spent a good deal of time yesterday researching and writing about elder care and thought I had a post ready, but just couldn't quite bring it together. This website can get into some heavy topics, and living with an elderly man, who happens to be my father, and trying to write about caring for the caregiver and other topics can get a bit dicey.

Humor has always been a fallback for me whenever life has put in a more somber appearance than I would like. Stepping back from the situation and placing my focus on other interests also helps to lift a sometimes listless mood. Fortunately, several telephone calls from family members yesterday evening also provided a welcome distraction.

Therefore, after all was said and done, no post was entered and today I am looking at other blogs regarding writing and/or elder care. I'm looking forward to a productive, yet relaxing, day as I peruse other sites.

What are you doing to lighten the caregiving load? What pleasant distractions do you enjoy? Are pleasant distractions and guilty pleasures related?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Is it really the 4th already?

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