Sunday, November 16, 2008

It is Snowing in Michigan

Snow has fallen most of the morning. In fact, the snowplow just drove down our street. Although I love the changing seasons, winter is my least favorite. All the more so since I lived in Tucson for a while.

The plus side of snow is the beautiful landscape it provides. My parents and my daughters used to cross-country ski, and I used to ride snowmobiles and go ice skating, but I never really got into winter sports.

By the looks of the sky, we are in for a serious snowfall. Knowing someday I will join family members in the coastal bend of Texas, I better enjoy the view while I have the chance.

The photo above was taken January 2008 by my son-in-law, Lloyd Rodriguez. The view is from our side yard, looking toward a building on the other side of the dirt road and railroad to the south of us. Typical winter weather in Michigan.

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