Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is coming to you from iGoogle this very chilly Thursday morning. It is currently 26 deg F, as I can feel through the breeze coming in the window beside my computer.

We are having ham and yams, toss salad, and pumpkin pie today. The turkey will have to wait until Christmas.

The Lions are playing, Dad and I will watch, and we hope that they can finally enter the winning side of the win-loss column. At 0-11, that will be quite a challenge.

Dad asked if I was going shopping tomorrow and I said, "No way, never do, never will." Not a great fan of shopping in the first place, the last place you will find me tomorrow or even this weekend, is anywhere near a store. For those who love to shop, I hope you find everything you are seeking.

Now that many stores have brought back the layaway system, many more people will feel good about shopping. I'm glad they are reviving the honored tradition of layaways. It greatly aids those who do not want to put anymore charges on their credit card and helps the merchants at the same time. I love win-win situations, don't you?

Take care and have a great day. And save some stuffing for me. Okay?

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