Thursday, September 11, 2008

Caregiving and the Campaign Trail

In today's newsletter, Suzanne Mintz wrote an important article about the lack of conversation on the campaign trail regarding caregivers. And why is that, you ask?

Because, although health care reform will be a huge issue for the next president, care giving will not. The problem is not that care giving is not important, it is that the reason there are caregivers is because there is disease that so devastates the person who is ill, they require a caregiver.

It is the disease that must be addressed, researched, and a cure found. When we find ways to improve care and cut costs, we will have found a way to take care of the family caregivers.

Suzanne ends her message by stating, "There are so many things that need to change in our health care system, but if we can turn the tide and help patients with chronic conditions get the kind of care they need, we'd be well on our way to creating a truly positive change in how America provides and pays for health care."

Amen, sister!

Click on the title to this post and read Suzanne's important statement about the unfortunate state of health care and how it affects today's caregivers.

What do you think about today's health care programs? Are you a caregiver? How does the state of health care in America affect you?

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