Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates 5.2 million Americans have memory and language problems caused by Alzheimer’s disease. That number is expected to increase by more than 50 percent by 2030.

Studies show there are three ways to help keep the mind healthy as people age:

1. Physical activity. Staying active seems to lead to a healthy mind. Fortunately, you don't need to engage in planned exercise, just staying active by cleaning house, gardening, and other movement-oriented activities count.

2. Challenge your brain. Daily word games, crossword puzzles, visiting museums and attending concerts all help keep the brain active.

3. Social activity. Having a large social network helps the brain stay active. Get out there and mingle among your friends and acquaintances for a good time, and to stay mentally healthy.

You can read the complete article at With Alzheimer's statistics increasing at a frightening pace, anything you can do now to prevent or slow the disease will only help you in the future. None of the tips above are difficult, and you will add richness to your life at the same time.

Do you have a favorite brain activity? Do you think it helps your brain stay healthy?

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Susie said...

I remember Mom always tore the crossword & word jumble page out of the paper. Even after she couldn't remember how to do them, she still remembered to tear them out and save them. I found a stack of neatly folded crossword pages in the table beside her chair after she was gone.